Ambrosia bee food

Successful bee keeping requires specialist know-how and a great deal of care. Bee colonies must never suffer shortages of pollen, water or energy-rich food. But bee colonies can suffer shortages of food when the flow of food from outside is interrupted, even if they have built up their own stores. It is therefore very important for bee keepers to quickly and generously supply their bees with food after the last honey harvest without adulterating the honey. This is vital to ensure that bees can continue to breed uninterruptedly. ambrosia bee food has been specially formulated by Nordzucker to satisfy the specific requirements of bees and all of the criteria for healthy nutrition. ambrosia bee food syrup is very similar to natural flower nectar and is therefore the ideal nutrition for bees. This enables bee colonies to survive the winter without any food shortages and ensures that they continue to breed, and feed and care for the brood.